Jolly Phonics

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One of the most helpful strategies I’ve found for teaching students spelling is Jolly Phonics. I was given this resource by my sponsor teacher and learned about it more online here. In Jolly Phonics, students learn how to sound out letters accompanied by actions to help them remember. Not only does Jolly Phonics help with reading but it also helps with writing because students remember the actions to help them spell out words.

My sponsor teacher uses it in her class and the K/1 students have the alphabet sounds and song memorized. They use the phonics when they do writing prompts and it has proven to be a great resource. I plan on using Jolly Phonics when I am with my class and I would recommend this to my colleagues.



4 thoughts on “Jolly Phonics”

  1. I have to agree with you! Jolly Phonics is such a great program to use with early learners! I found that jolly phonics on the smart board was VERY helpful with my kindergarten class last year! In your class now do you have a smart board that allows them to be fully engaged in Jolly Phonics? I found it helped with the students learning to write their letters as well! I was also wondering is there any difference in Jolly phonics for kindergarten and grade 1? I am just curious because I have never experienced Jolly Phonics outside of kindergarten.


    1. We don’t have a smart board in my class but they follow a video of the song and do the actions along with the songs. They also have cards that my teacher hands out while they are doing writing exercises to help them. My K/1’s do all the same stuff with jolly phonics except that the Kindergartens practice tracing letters rather than just writing them like the grade 1s.


  2. I LOVED doing Jolly Phonics with my K-1 class last year!! It actually worked wonders with their spelling, and I could see them progress throughout my time there with them! When they went to spell something they would actually repeat the song/action that had to do with that particular letter. It was amazing to see how successful it was in my class. Does your classroom have the letters posted around the room? I read you don’t have a Smartboard, and my practicum class last year didn’t have one either. What we had done is have a small poster for each letter, with an image of the action on it. We played the song on a cd player, and we also had a book that one person would flip through and sing with the class, while the other person would be singing, but pointing to each poster around the room with a long finger pointer. That way, the class could have two options! Have you seen any sort of progress yet with your class from using Jolly Phonics?


    1. That’s great to hear! My class has letters around the room (tiny jolly phonics posters) that students can refer to. I have noticed improvement in spelling but because I haven’t been there consistently, I’m not sure if it’s because of jolly phonics or if it was some other strategies.

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