Word Study


graphic sourced from pixabay

I found this resource online and it offers a different approach to teaching spelling in the classroom. Rather than giving students a list of words and testing them on it, students analyze words to find patterns, compare, and sort words into categories. They learn the different sounds of letters and recognize words in their reading that match what their current focus may be. I think it would be cool to implement a word wall in the classroom to add to their vocabulary. and it would help with learning proper sounds. I like this approach because it doesn’t focus on what students can memorize. Instead, students make connections by finding patterns, by learning through phonemic awareness and getting reinforcement that a spelling test doesn’t offer.

I think this resource would be great for all grades and it sounds much more meaningful and effective than the traditional ways of spelling tests and memorization.

Check out the Word Study Approach.


2 thoughts on “Word Study”

  1. I like this approach too! Especially because I find my students, and others classes within my practicum school, have been working on making connections so this would tie in great! I like how students do this on their own as well to categorize the words and find patterns. Having a word wall would be a great addition to even an intermediate classroom to help with spelling those bigger words, all while still making those connections and seeing the patterns!


    1. Yes I agree! in my K/1 class we have a wall that we add words to every once in while and the students can go up to it and copy words from there for their writing. It’s a really handy tool!


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