Spelling & English Language Learners

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This article has many good insights about how to teach and help English Language Learners to succeed in our classrooms. It has some helpful ideas that can easily be adapted to our practice. Here are a few key points I took from this article:

  • Teachers that mark mistakes on student’s work actually distracts them rather than helping them correct themselves. Student mistakes are a key part of developing language.
  • Instead of the standard spelling test, show students the pictures that indicate the meaning of the word and then write it. We could also give multiple-choice tests that has various ways of spelling a word and see if they can recognize the right spelling.
  • It can be difficult for students to develop fluency when they have to ask for help or look up a word in a dictionary because it stops their flow of thinking and it can be hard to continue their train of thought.

website: colorincolorado.org

While researching Word Study, I came across a blog that compares and contrasts the word study method vs. traditional methods for spelling.  After seeing the comparisons, I can see why Word Study is the better method and is more individualized for students.


Graphic found from themeasuredmom.com


2 thoughts on “Spelling & English Language Learners”

  1. Kaitlin, I like how you highlighted some of the key takeaways from the linked webpage article. I hadn’t thought about using pictures on a spelling test to help with making the connection to what they need to spell. I think that it is a great idea and will totally use that in the future with my students! Have you tried accompanying a spelling test with pictures before in your past classrooms? 🙂

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